ISAP URL examples
If you would like to check if your website is at risk, please send us an email with the URL of your website and a short introduction. Once we have confirmed that you are the site owner, we will send you the results of our test.
Contact email: anonymity@anonymity.soon
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# File Size Description
1 ground_truth_data.csv 18.4 MiB This file contains the primary ground truth datset, where includes 20,999 reflection URLs and 18,349 normal URLs.
2 ground_truth_data_muli_lable.csv 4.65 MiB This file contains the promotion keyword ground truth dataset, where includes 7,039 entries for gambling, 7,028 for adult content, 7,339 for SEO, 2,128 for anonymous servers, and 3,109 for other categories.